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Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

Consumers today are still primarily buying goods at local stores, but they are also increasingly conducting research online before making their purchasing decisions. To help businesses build an online presence that professionally represents their brand and sites that are easy to discover and navigate, Wisconsin social media and Internet marketing firm State Street Digital has launched a range of high quality digital marketing services.

We realize business owners are busy with their keeping-the-doors-open tasks and may be neglecting their online audience or are simply unaware of the importance of their online presence, said Aaron Toynton, director of digital business development at State Street Digital. Our job is to establish, maintain and grow our clients digital footprint so that they can effectively compete in todays marketplace.

State Street Digital offers many services to help businesses market themselves effectively online, including:

Website design, hosting, and ongoing management
Social Media integration
eCommerce solutions
Website traffic monitoring and reporting
Domain name registration
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (pay-per-click)
Technical support
Email marketing service
Directory listing management
Reputation management

Just like in other marketing campaigns, visibility is paramount in online marketing. Since most consumers begin their digital research on a search engine or Internet directory, State Street Digitals Directory Management Service ensures the businesss accurate information is posted on over 50 national and local sites, including Google, Yahoo!, Yelp, Bing, and the Milwaukee Marketplace.

Finding the business is not enough. Consumers will only spend a few moments skimming a site before they decide whether to stay on it or move onso a site must make a good impression immediately.

Our websites are designed using industry best-practices to make them appealing and relevant to the businesss demographic, said Toynton. We know our product works because we use the same design principles and software on our website that we use to create our clients sites.

Social media is an increasingly important element of online marketing. According to, 42% of online consumers have followed a retailer proactively through Facebook, Twitter or a retailers blog, and the average fan follows about six retailers. 58% of this group say they follow companies to find deals, 49% to keep up to date on products, and 39% to stay informed of contests and events.

Because they are free and accessible, social media sites offer a level playing field for the merchants who compete with much larger corporations. State Street Digital helps businesses by creating Facebook fan pages and offering guidance for setting-up Twitter and FourSquare accounts.

Before people take a chance on a new restaurant or other business they usually check out the review sites to see what other people are saying. In Wisconsin online reputation management can make a huge impact on sales. Unaddressed bad reviews on sites like Yelp can spell ruin for small and mid-sized businesses that are judged by the character of employees and quality of goods and services. State Street Digitals Reputation Management Service is designed to help businesses by:

Generating a visibility score, an overall average of the businesss total online presence.
Monitoring online social networks, blogs and directories for positive and negative comments and reviews so that the business owner can respond appropriately
Producing a digital report card detailing the businesss competitive standing, positive and negative reviews, and mentions

State Street Digital offers many other digital marketing services, including video marketing, search engine marketing (pay-per-click), targeted website display advertising, and opt-in/opt-out email marketing that reaches out to the businesss customers, and can be expanded to include local consumers who have signed up to receive offers from merchants.

Mobile advertising and marketing services are also available. Specific Milwaukee online advertising services can include JSOnline Mobi site, pushing banner and text ads to iPhone and Droid users, and building mobile versions of websites or creating simple mobile landing pages so people can find them when they are on the go.

For more information about State Street Digitals online marketing services call (414) 224-2311 or go to

About State Street Digital

State Street Digital is a Milwaukee website design and multimedia marketing agency that specializes in web management and web marketing. The Wisconsin search engine optimization and online marketing company helps small and mid-sized businesses monitor, manage and maximize their online presence in order to create a positive firstand ongoingimpression.