Million Pixel Home Page Advertising Search Engine Marketing How It Works

The New HOT Search Engine Marketing craze that is generating Huge amounts of traffic to websites that participate.
How do they produce high traffic?
One of the most important reasons this new Search Engine Marketing system produces traffic is the Buzz going around the internet from forums, articles like this, word of mouth, press releases and the fact that it is a brand new way of Internet Marketing that has never been seen before.
Here is what you need to do if you would like to receive the benefits from this amazing Search Engine Marketing traffic generator.
#1- Look for a Pixel Page that is fairly New, very little current ads ( I have listed a link to a great one below ). Reason being is that you really benefit greatly by having the opportunity to place your Pixel AD were ever you want.
Note: Look for middle available sections as well as top left hand corners ( the way people read the paper ). Also another important reason is that when other interested people that want to place there ads clearly spot your Pixel Ad first. This generates curiosity on what’s behinds door number one = Tons of traffic for you.
#2- Choose the amount of pixel space you need and want to purchase. Prices for pixels normally cost about $1.00 ( less that a cup of coffee ). This is one of the most inexpensive ways of Internet Marketing I personally have ever seen.
#3- After you decide how many Pixel Advertising spaces you wish to purchase and were to place them on the Million Pixel Page Grid now it is time to create your Search Engine Marketing Pixel Ad.
#4- When putting together your Pixel Ad be creative, you don’t have to purchase a large amount of Pixel Page Realistate if your thumbnail Pixel Ad is creative. It has been reported that a ton of the small mini Pixel Ads, because the are unique and eye grabbing are receiving close to the same amount of traffic to the larger sized Pixel Ads.
That is all you need to do. These Pixel Page sites will bring a continuous amount of traffic for years to come. This type of Search Engine Marketing will pay for itself over and over again by generating more sales, and tons of new unique visitors to your site. These sites marketing creates the buzz your sites get the benefit of the continuos high volume of traffic.