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Bedfordshire, UK (PRWeb UK) October 6, 2009

An Internet marketing company has built a web application to uncover long forgotten hyperlinks to deleted web pages and repurpose them for modern day versions of a website.

The technique known as link reclamation can be used even if intimate knowledge of a website’s logfiles are not accessible. For companies looking to improve their current link structure, aiding them to increase their performance in search engine results and increase their exposure, Receptional Internet Marketing have created an in-house link building reclamation tool. Though not publicly available, this tool allows Receptional to create a list of their client’s sites that are missing out on search engine link equity because of mismanaged internal redirections.

The tool sources links to pages that no longer exist, links to urls that do not resolve to a 200 “page found” response and also tracks links that require multiple hops (redirects) to get a user to their destination.

This recently built tool has brought popular results back for clients who were able to walk away with a link audit report and quickly fix the issues they had with their internal linking to increase their link equity. The results of this tool are just a small part of the link report Receptional offer to its clients.

Receptional’s independent link analysis report analyses a clients website with its chosen competitor’s current links with specific recommendations on how to make their link structure more efficient. The audit allows them to see what is working for them and their competitor’s website and how to further develop their links to improve ranking.

Receptional offer other handy tools to the public that can be found at Receptional Labs (free signup), with the aim of assisting search engine optimising. This includes a link analyser, a tool that allows the comparison of the number of links to a website compared with a competitor, and a SERP preview tool that helps developers creating titles and descriptions that a user will never on from a search result.

About caters for the growing number of companies who wish to realise the potential of their web sites. The company offers a portfolio of internet marketing services to maximise and monitor web site traffic and has an enviable reputation for the management of paid and unpaid search for its clients. Receptional are an Adwords Qualified Company, Overture Accredited SEM and a Microsoft AdExcellence Member.

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Barrie Smith