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Sydney Australia (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

Manners remember them. Simple please and thank you. Somebody must have taken them. It only seems like yesterday that every one was using them. How can we get them back?

Why are simple manners, please and thank you etc, so rarely used in the service industry anymore?

Everyone is telling us that retail is struggling. Yes it is, due to the economy. But surely the way to attract customers back would be to ok, fix the economy, but also to provide the most incredible service, so that customers would want to tell everyone they knew about their wonderful experience.

Its time thatthe customer fought back. Take Dale Watson for example he actually wrote a song and put it on Youtube about his disgusting experience at the hands of Tiger Airways customer (or lack of) service people. He named names, it was wonderful.

Now of course the rest of us are not going to write songs, or necessarily go to the media, but we can react. We can do something. We mustnt get complacent and believe that this is the way it has to be.

If businesses want our custom and lets face it they NEED our custom then they MUST earn our custom. Get into a habit of letting people know.

If you are in a store and receive poor service ask the person for their name or note it from their name tag. Then contact their head office, its better if its by email, because you have a record of when you sent it. Site the time, date, person involved and the circumstances. You should by the way also do this if youve received good service too, because it works both ways. Often people will only report the bad and not the good behaviour.

If a company receives enough of these emails or letters they have to take action or they just wont survive in these economic trying times.

The moral is – If your not happy tell someone, if we dont tell them how will they know that it needs correcting. If you are happy tell someone. If theyre doing it right, they truly deserve to be told.

We must all educate businesses who are providing us with a service and are expecting payment for said service that they MUST treat us, their customer, their life blood well.

Julia Sparrow is CEO of JS Internet marketing Strategies. She is based in Sydney Australia but has a client base nationally. She is passionate about customer service. She has been in customer service and marketing for over 20 years recently branching out into Search engine optimization – specializing in small to medium sized businesses.