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Sydney (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

Interest in Internet marketing strategies continues to grow, and now is the best time ever to grab opportunities and develop the coveted skillsthis is what James Schramko, CEO of, reports in his latest Internet marketing news update. To acknowledge this development and to provide valuable advice for companies seeking to establish their own presence online, Schramko discusses issues such as deciding on what to offer customers, choosing payment options, and selecting marketing images to use.

Schramko describes how business owners can choose what to sell to their target audienceproducts or services, or both. Using his member-only Internet marketing training site as an example, the CEO points out how the website is a service (where he coaches people every day) and at the same time a product (where he creates pre-recorded information). In addition, he also has offerings that are either purely products or purely services as well.

“Theres so many different ways that you can cut this up,” Schramko explains. “So I suggest, look at the do-it-yourself, look at the done-for-you, look at whether you want physical or digital, or whether youre servicing a business-to-customer or business-to-business type of market.” A business, he says, must identify what it is specifically good at, what it wants to make money from, where it can be different from everyone else in the market, and where it can reach customers; from there, companies can effectively study where the customer demand can take them.

Next, the Internet marketing expert elaborates on why upfront pay is his preferred payment option for his business. “Its very hard to go and order a couch or a car without a deposit these days,” Schramko points out. “The ‘cash now’ value is so much more than the ‘cash later’ so if you can get business and they will pay you upfront, do it… At the very minimum, make sure your deposit is at least equal to the value of your total cost so that you have no debt.” By framing the business correctly, growing companies can choose this option and get good results as well.

Schramko also encourages viewers to share their thoughts on the value of using flashy images in marketing campaigns to get noticed. Describing a business owner who recently posted Facebook advertisements featuring images of an expensive car and other fancy items, the marketing expert asks for opinions on whether this is a truly effective business model for attracting consumers to apply for high-priced programs.

Announcements regarding new offerings and events are also highlighted in the CEO’s news update video. Traffic Grab and members can now visit the Traffic Grab Members’ Area and gain access to new Traffic Grab 2 training modules on Direct Banner Buyer Marketing, Search Engine Display Network, and Re-Marketing. “I hope you go and have a look at them and implement them with your marketing. Its one of the most powerful things that you can ever do,” Schramko shares. He also announces his upcoming visits to London, Europe, and the United States around October this year and invites members to drop in at the local meet-ups and at the “I Love Marketing” event in Phoenix, Arizona.

To cap off the update, Schramko shares an SEO tip: “What do major search engines want? They want you to forget about page rank and anchor text links,” he emphasizes. “They want you to be relevant. They want fresh content. Theyre especially on the hunt for too many anchor text links all at once, so make sure youre getting quality links from relevant places.”

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