How Much Important is the Content of your Website?

“Only the content of your website gives you promotional leg to stand on”

Everyone wants to make money on the web and so as you. This you can make only if you have a web presence and bring customers to your website and turn leads into sales. Your search engine ranking is the key to the amount of visitors, and the success of your website, finally. But… but… but… this is not an easy task. In the age of tough competition it’s difficult to achieve top ranking on the top search engines and for the top keywords.

Its good to a have website highly rich with animated pictures, graphics but if content of your website is not good then its really not worth to have that. Stunning visual design may do a great job of attracting visitors, but, if in the end, the substance isn’t there, all your effort was in vain.

Content is the most vital part of your website. No matter how good is the design or how fast your site, people visit for content, and that is what you should be giving them. There are so many sites around which have no real content, or are just plain boring with some animated pictures. Good content keeps not only your visitors interested and give you a good site but it can also help you to promote your website.

What I believe is, for any type of business, a plenty of well-written, informative, related content of your website is a prerequisite to infinite success. The more pages and words you have, the more chance you have or being on the top as a search result. You must have heard about Google, EBay, Yahoo, MSN, etc. Would you say that these sites have stunning designs and visual effects…Not at all!! These sites offer information first i.e. content. See, Google gives you one of the best search results; yahoo provides content, news, products, etc in abundance. You will be astonished by the fact that the top-ranking web pages on Google are consistently much better written than the vast majority of what one reads on the web.

So how can you get high-quality content on your website? There are many ways to add content to your website:

Write Yourself

Writing yourself is the cheapest way of generating the content. But for this you need a good knowledge of your subject to be able to write effectively on it. If you have the skills and time to generate content then this is really the best route to take. You have to focus on your site’s purpose and find a way to balance the information in categories that help communicate your goals.

Hire someone else to Write

If you do not feel confident enough of writing great content yourself, it’s better to hire a good writer to do it for you. But before choosing an appropriate copywriter, but he should possess Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting experience. As you have a website which is selling your business, and your main aim is to bring traffic to your website. So a person with an experience of SEM/SEO can only do wonders for your business.

Last but not the least, If you are running a business and want traffic then there must be more value in writing higher quality content than in redesigning your site or updating your technology. Just get your designing out of the way and let your visitors have what they want, information. I’m not trying to detract from visual design, information design or good technology. Each makes a huge difference in the quality of a web site, but the web site doesn’t stand a chance without content.