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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 18, 2011

Custom websites for accountants are long overdue. Greg Trimble, CEO who grew up in an accounting firm from his youth, believes that “The accounting industry has been oppressed by a sea of cookie-cutter templates offered to CPAs and accountants at outrageous prices. CPA and accounting firms that do not adopt cutting-edge technologies as well as market themselves properly will find that they will slowly slip behind their competition.” Although word-of-mouth referrals will continue to be the strongest avenue for firm growth, the Internet is a close second and not far behind. In fact, a word-of-mouth referral will most often turn into a website visit to the firm that was referred via word-of-mouth. not only offers custom websites for accountants but gives them a clear path to online marketing success. The custom web design is free and yet the accountant has many built in options to develop their website further and build advanced modularized technologies into their website. For a small fee, accounting firms can tack on to their free custom website a slew of productivity enhancing tools. Things like client portals for accountants with secure client access for 24/7 financial document visibility will no doubt improve communication to and from the client throughout busy tax seasons and the duration of the year, but also improve firm productivity through a reduction of non-billable calls and requests from clients for prior year tax returns and financial statements.

Custom websites for accountants can also have the ever needed secure file transfer handy right on their website. will build a secure file transfer module into a custom accounting website so that clients do not need to go through the hassle of trying to figure out how to send a 20-100 MB file over insecure e-mail or through the Postal Service. Just open the accounting firm’s website, hit browse, find a file, and hit upload. Just one simple module that has been introduced by will save hundreds and thousands of dollars in lost productivity and risk to confidentiality.

Accounting websites introduced by also come with built-in search engine optimization statistical analysis modules, as well as newsletter and e-mail marketing modules that help accounting firms stay in touch with their clients throughout the year. The amount of services that have been introduced, announced, and offered on top of a free custom accounting website are calculated to give any accounting firm that implements them a leg up on their competition. is a privately held company that specializes in building custom websites for accountants as well as many other industries in the marketplace.


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