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Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) August 27, 2011

Tablet and mobile web use in general are exploding at a much faster adoption rate than desktop web browsing. Estimates for 2011 iPad sales are at 50 million and sales for Adroid OS and other operating systems are growing tremendously; over 50 million U.S. consumers have purchased smart phones just since 2010. With this mobile web browsing sea change as a backdrop, Confluency Solutions today announced the roll out of a tablet version of their insurance agency websites.

Even though mobile is now overtaking desktop browsing, mobile web access has been important for a number of years and has sort of grown in tandem with the influence of services like local search and social media, said President Kevin McDonald.

Different devices inherently create different user experiences; internet connection speeds, screen size and portability, all play a role in how consumers access and use internet-distributed information. Confluencys tablet website for insurance agents will take advantage of display screen size and agents will be able to customize their tablet home screen information separately from the home page that displays on standard desktop browsers. Browser and device are automatically detected when a consumer launches a website, so the device appropriate website version is automatically displayed.

Confluency began providing mobile browser versions of insurance agency websites back in 2006, when mobile web browsing was just in its infancy. As with the mobile version website for smart phones, the tablet version will be rolled out to all Conflluency Solutions hosted websites as part of Confluencys standard subscription service.

Managing Partner and CTO James Hawley explained, It seems absurd to us, the idea of charging extra for mobile web interoperability. Six years ago, there was no Chrome browser, but as of this month Chromes market share will exceed 23% – and nobody in their right mind is going to charge extra fees to make a website work in Chrome – although not everyone will test websites in Chrome. We think mobile browsing falls into the same category. Its just how people are choosing to access the internet and websites.

Confluency Solutions insurance agency websites include a subscription service that provides automatic updates to technology and features as well as marketing support. Confluency averages eight major website updates per year; past updates have included features like an integrated blog and a built-in survey builder. In addition to the major updates, Confluencys website subscription adds an average of ten minor upgrades per year; some recent examples include a QR code generator and social media integration.

Since 2005, Confluency Solutions has specialized in web marketing solutions for independent insurance agents. The companys portfolio of services includes website design, hosting, and updates; email hosting, email marketing programs, blog writing services, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and local search optimization.


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