(PRWEB) January 19, 2006

“A Arte de Blogar,” Portuguese for “The Art of Blogging,” is a new blog, written in Portuguese, about how to blog.

It is located at http://blogar.dehumanizer.com.

The site’s main feature is the “A Arte de Blogar” series, a multi-part, ongoing series which includes information about:

how to start a blog

what to write about, if you intend your blog to be successful and, possibly, make money

how to find content to write about

how to optimize your blog for search engines and “web spiders”

for WordPress users: which plugins there are to improve your blog’s features and keep first-time visitors for a longer time

how to promote your site successfully, and attract more visitors

how to submit your blog to search engines and web directories

how to publish an RSS feed

how to make money from your blog, including Goodle AdSense ads, Chitika eMiniMalls, affiliate programs, and others

Besides the ongoing series, the blog also features “quick tip” posts, and comments on current blogging-related news.

Pedro Timoteo, the main author, says: “After months of blogging, I was dissatisfied with the performance, popularity and even quality of my own blogs, and I searched for information on blogging optimization; however, all the sites I found were in English. Though the many sites on this subject, together, were extremely insightful and useful, I became aware of an almost complete lack of such sites in the Portuguese language.”

Being himself the author of a similar series in English, “The Blogging Tips Series,” http://tlog.dehumanizer.com/the-blogging-tips-series/, Mr. Timoteo soon began the work of translating and adapting his own series to his native language and culture, extending and improving it in the process, thereby creating a new blog to help other Portuguese-language bloggers and potential bloggers.

Pedro Timoteo is a 31-year-old Portuguese systems administrator, webmaster and blogger. He lives in Tercena, Portugal.