If you are an investor or home buyer, you may not want to write off Cape Coral Florida real estate just yet. For a while now, the media has been reporting on the demise of the Florida real estate market.

In many newspapers, the pullback on what was once a white hot Florida real estate market is big news. The market is climbing with a 32% appreciation and Cape Coral Florida is still ranked in the top five in growth for cities with populations over 100,000.

Although the Cape Coral Florida real estate market has had a slow summer, September saw the best sales in four months.

This, and the fact that more boomers and younger families are moving into the area may mean that the Cape Coral Florida real estate market may be seeing a turn-around soon. The fact is, buyers are always looking for –and are willing to pay more for-quality homes in great areas and this is what the Cape Coral Florida real estate market offers them.

Plus, smart investors know that when a market slows down temporarily, great deals are often available.

This may be especially true of Cape Coral’s real estate, since its real estate market offers great deals and the homes that buyers are looking for.

Sean Campbell, a Real Estate Broker in Cape Coral says “We had nearly quadruple the closings of property in our office during the month of September than we had in August.”

This is a good indication that Cape Coral Florida real estate may be on its way up. However, prices in Cape Coral’s real estate market are still affordable, making this a great option for investors who want to improve their returns.

Although overall real estate sales seem slow, Cape Coral Florida real estate seems to be moving and even picking up, Any investor interested in making money in today’s market reality is well-advised to take a closer look at Cape Coral Florida real estate.