Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become a major factor in the world of marketing. Search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, have become the main source of information for just about the entire population, so making sure your website appears at the top of the list is a must. There are a few ways to go about doing this, from just changing a few words in your website’s code to utilizing SEO services offered by marketing companies, but one of the most overlooked, and controversial, is SEO link building.

SEO link building is, simply, getting your website’s link onto another website’s page. Unfortunately, the actual process of doing so is not quite as easy. While getting your link onto a hundred different pages is helpful, making sure those sites are important in the eyes of the search engine is far more valuable. The idea is quality over quantity. For instance, having your link on your next door neighbor’s unknown gardening site might seem like a good place to start, getting your link onto a gardening site for a company that everyone knows and uses will not only gain you more traffic, but also rank you higher on search engines.

Another SEO link building suggestion would be making sure that the sites that use your link actually have something in common with your site. Take the previous example; you scored that link on the big name gardening site. But, what if your site was for, say, computer repair. Computer repair and gardening don’t have much in common, so people who use the gardening site are unlikely to click on a link for computer repair. One of the main agendas for SEO link building is getting traffic to your site, so you need to target the right audience when you look for sites to link on.

Finally, something to watch out for in SEO link building is link spamming. Link spamming is a strategy used by some SEO services to raise a site’s search engine rank, though it is frowned upon by search engines. The idea is to put your link in as many low quality locations as possible, such as forum signatures, blog posts, link farms, and other sites. While this is a quick and easy way to raise your rank, it will not keep your site there for too long as many of these links stop working after a while. Search engines are also trying to weed out link spammers from their search results, so making sure your links have merit is the better option for long term search engine ranking.

SEO is essential to anyone wanting to stand out in this internet age. There are many ways to raise your search engine rank and even more companies offering SEO services. When looking into this for your website, make sure you understand the importance of SEO link building and how it can help your site climb to the top of the search engine rankings.