(PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Every website requires content to attract the attention of viewers and retain them. Whether through informative pages, blogs or other means, webmasters can adopt a number of content styles to keep their website interesting. WebsiteHowToMake.com now offers a group of informative new video tutorials to manage content on websites. Adding content is an important part of website building and WebsiteHowToMake.com covers all the essentials of creating articles, publishing blogs and managing the existing content to keep the website fresh.

The first video tutorial in the series covers the basics of creating new articles on websites using the TinyMCE Editor. This editor allows webmasters to manage and publish articles with numerous publishing options such as author information, publishing dates etc. WebsiteHowToMake.com reiterates the importance of keyword rich text, Meta descriptions, and other content to rank well with search engines. The video tutorials also cover the essentials of copyright information and content rights. Another video tutorial solely focuses on editing existing content on the website.

Through its informative video tutorials, WebsiteHowToMake.com offers step by step tutorials on using different features of the article manager i.e. publishing and removing articles. The tutorials also demonstrate the use of features like archiving articles and deleting them. WebsiteHowToMake.com also shows the use of filters that help webmasters handle multiple articles at once. These filters are also useful in grouping different articles based on category, state and access levels. According to WebsiteHowToMake.com’s videos, article manager filters can also be used to search for articles by name, category etc.

Another video tutorial in the series is focused on adding images to articles. Enhancing the visual appeal of website through images is quick and simple. WebsiteHowToMake.com takes webmasters through simple steps to upload images to the relevant article. This set of video tutorials also addresses simple and organized steps to create contacts on a website and link them to existing users.

Google’s emphasis on giving preference to fresh and updated content is leading many webmasters to upload new articles periodically while publishing content on other websites as well. Including newsfeeds is a great way to keep a website fresh and updated. By connecting news from different online sources, websites can be assured of automatically updating their written content on a regular basis. Webmasters can follow news based websites or blogs to ensure that the website receives new content at a set frequency, whether daily or less frequently.

The final video tutorial on the content management series includes web linking. This short and informative tutorial covers the basics of creating directories for web links and adding different links to the directory. WebsiteHowToMake.com stresses on the importance of creating categories to organize the links. Apart from offering simple and effective ways to keep a website fresh, WebsiteHowToMake.com also offers extensive tutorials on maintenance, design and security aspects of a website.

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A practical online learning resource for website building, WebsiteHowToMake.com offers insightful and informative video tutorials for budding webmasters. Covering the essentials of creating, launching and maintaining websites, the step by step video syllabus is useful for those even without an extensive background in computers. The organized and simplified nature of these tutorials is accompanied by helpful tips and Joomla extensions to make website building easier and achievable.