GLASGOW, UK (PRWEB) January 18, 2006

It seems no matter what, small bricks and mortar businesses are not taking up the challenge of getting online. SME hosting penetration, in the UK, is currently at around the 25% level (IDC), thats right almost 75% of small and medium size enterprises dont have a Website. With around 1 billion people online and an estimated $ 1 trillion worth of business done electronically its difficult to know why.

Pure Web-driven entrepreneurs, those who have no offline business, have been flourishing over the past 5 years, in fact millions of domains have gone live in that period.

Even in the face of all of the evidence, it appears many are just not taking up the challenge. It seems they dont want to take part in the knowledge-based economy.

To be honest, who can blame them; spending 100 hours a week running an offline business can be all a man can take. The thought of going online just seems too complicated, time consuming, uncomfortable and expensive.

One company that recognises this and has developed a service to cut through these barriers is The Venture Kit ( its an online venture all wrapped up in a virtual box and can get your business online in hours, takes next to no time to manage, is really simple to use and isnt expensive.

The Venture Kit has been developed by three-time Internet entrepreneur Gary Reid.

When I started my first web venture it took me three months struggling with HTML and other things I knew little about to create a truly awful site. I wish The Venture Kit had been around back in 1999 it would have got me online quicker and given me more time to do the things that are important online communicate with customers, commented Gary.

Based on Joomla (, the award winning open source content management system, The Venture Kit makes getting online simple, uncomplicated, inexpensive and most importantly easy to understand and use. If you can use a word processor, you can build a Website with The Venture Kit.

Your Website comes installed and ready to use with 60 templates that you can easily modify through the simple to use administrator interface, but its more than that. Because its a content management and its open source, literally hundreds of plugins are available. Shopping carts, forums, mailing lists, download managers and many more. The plugin’s are a simple point and click install its so simple it still surprises me, in fact I made a quick video of how to install a forum and it takes just 5 minutes, no technical skills required, added Gary and hes right, in the video Gary locates the zip file on his PC and clicks to install it, thats it, Im not sure it gets any easier than this.

As communication is king on the Web, not content as some would say, how does The Venture Kit perform in this area? Actually, it excels, user management allows visitors to register and you can specify exactly what they can and cant see. You can add a comment system so they can comment on your articles and use the forum to get real conversations going.

For all you people who run an offline business take note, its not as complicated or time consuming as you think and the advantages of being online can be enormous, however the disadvantages of staying offline are even bigger. Take a look at The Venture Kit and plug your business into the 1 billion people online.


The Venture Kit is helping cut through the barriers to having an online presence or venture by uncomplicating the web. The Venture Kit offers a fully installed content management system hosted on enterprise class servers in the UK. With more than 60 templates to choose from and a simple to use administrator interface it really hasnt been simpler.

Founded by 3-time Internet entrepreneur Gary Reid, with more than 6 years experience of running successful online ventures The Venture Kit is fast becoming a community of fast growing web ventures. For more information, please visit

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