(PRWEB) October 16, 2005

Joomla! has been awarded two prestigious awards at the Linux & Open Source Awards in London this month.

The Joomla! project won Best Linux / Open Source Project for 2005. The projects lead Andrew Eddie said the award demonstrates high levels of trust and faith from the Open Source Community.

The past two months have been astounding, Mr. Eddie said. To win this award on the back of our first releases means a lot to the team which has worked so hard for the community.

The second award in which Joomla! figures was won by core member Brian Teeman. Brian won “UK Individual Contribution to Open / Source” for 2005.

Mr. Teeman said he was honoured to win the award and said it recognised “you don’t have to be a coder to contribute to the world of Open Source”.

Joomla! Public Information Manager Peter Russell said the awards reflect a positive shift for the open source generally. The reader votes say a couple of things about how Joomla! is being received, he said.

The trust factor is certainly the major reason why people are adopting our content management software in droves. In less than two months people from all sectors have inundated our site with offers of support and commitment. From enterprise level partnerships to moms and dads, theyre all with Joomla!

The Joomla development team, which had previously taken Mambo to its former stardom, is now concentrating on crafting the best open source project possible.

The awards in London certainly fuelled the imagination of the development team. More structure has been put in place to provide additional focus to important areas of development.

A further example is the Google Summer of Code competitors who have contributed code in areas including: a Virtual File System, Automatic Update System, Version Control, Pre-Processor Control and, Media Manager.

The LinuxWorld Expo and Conference in London also cemented relationships by leaders in the Open Source community, Mr. Russell said.

We were fortunate enough to meet many of the brightest industry minds and were delighted to discover they too had been following the amazing rise of the Joomla! phenomenon, Mr. Russell said.

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