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Kherson, Ukraine (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

Since the previous update of Web CEO, weve accumulated a large wish list from our users and most of those wishes relate to the quality, navigational comfort and flexibility of our key tools.

Search engines have mixed a lot of helpful relevant information into their web search results. The web search results are no longer divided only into organic (free) and sponsored (paid) webpage links, but they also can be images, videos, maps, books and other files with potentially useful information, – says Viktor Tatarov, CEO and Chief Architect of Web CEO. As the competition among websites grows harder, a lot of site owners want to know if their site files cover top positions in organic, paid and special search results for their targeted keywords. The advanced filtering system in the new version of Web CEO lets users single out any of these types of results if needed.

Web CEO has also gained in web scanning speed, which allows Ranking Checker to complete reports faster.

More preset search engine groups will help users set up and modify their ranking profiles easier. The report structure has become more flexible, which helps better customization and ensures that reports have a professional look. Dozens of minor changes to the Ranking and Links settings result in an easier and more usable program.

The Report Viewer has also been considerably improved, which has resulted in the increase of its speed and stability. The Ranking Checkers changes are also present in the new version of the Report Viewer (3.1).

The new version of the Web CEO SEO Software is available to all existing Web CEO customers for free.

Web CEO has temporarily reduced the price on the Web CEO Professional Suite (40% off) as a part of the version 9.0 promotion campaign.

About Web CEO: Web CEO has developed the most popular search engine marketing and optimization software toolkit in the world. Web CEO Desktop is used by more than 819,000 registered users. The Web CEO Team has two more popular projects. Since December 2010, Web CEO Online, which is a web-based solution for SEO and web promotion, is sharing user popularity and love with Web CEO Desktop. EmailTray is a free smart email client that has a loyal user base. The company is located in the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which is a growing center for software and web development.