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San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) November 16, 2009

SearchForce , a SEM and bid optimization platform company, today announced its “Cross-Channel Marketing Tracker” – a comprehensive, tracking & statistical reporting system that exposes the entire path to conversion, both online and off, and automatically de-duplicates conversions. The integrated system overcomes two of the biggest challenges in online marketing: the need for a single, consolidated, tracking solution that cross references a variety of marketing channels with paid search, and the over-representation of conversions across these channels.

Marketers now have the ability to see direct correlations between different media channels, and ultimately determine how programs best work together to generate the most return on overall spend.

Large spend marketers can lose millions of dollars every year due to ineffective tracking systems that record duplicate conversions. SearchForce’s holistic approach eliminates such duplicates while delivering a highly accurate record of conversions, along with details of the entire cross channel “path to conversion.”

With SearchForce’s Cross-Channel Marketing Tracker an entire conversion path is captured. In one such case, an email, display ad and Yahoo! PPC ad may have all assisted in a single conversion on Google. With other solutions, a conversion would be attributed to each channel in this path. With SearchForce, conversions are automatically reconciled and charted, providing a highly accurate assessment of each medium’s success. This helps marketers allocate their budgets across marketing programs more effectively, ultimately leading to greater ROI.

Today’s patchwork of analytics for online marketing is inaccurately measured as each action is disparate. SearchForce’s Cross Channel Marketing Tracker aggregates the data into one dashboard and associated report, offering a precise, comprehensive view of how online marketing efforts cohesively drive clicks and leads. Following a one-time set up, these real-time reports are generated with the touch of a button and viewed within a single dashboard.

SearchForce enables marketers to track cross-channel activity across any specified channel or marketing media – including display ads; email; advertising on social media channels such as FaceBook and MySpace, premium paid search, as well as secondary engines (e.g.) and LookSmart. Additionally –and unique to SearchForce—offline media can be tracked via the system, including TV advertising and direct mail campaigns.

About SearchForce

Founded in 2004, SearchForce is the only company offering a truly customizable and seamlessly scalable bid optimization and campaign management platform to meet specific SEM needs and objectives. It is an internationally localized platform with support for local languages, timezones and currency. SearchForce’s platform allows customers to effectively manage large-scale, paid search marketing campaigns across Google, Yahoo!, MSN to deliver higher returns at a lower cost, and with less work. The company’s software is used by some of the largest online advertisers, advertising agencies and corporations around the globe. For more information, call 650-235-8777 or visit