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San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) November 17, 2009

In June 2004, Ian Lopuch started out as SEM Marketing Associate at a startup after graduating Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science. Just five short years later, Ian is now Director of Search Marketing at a large publicly traded company and is one of the most influential search engine marketers in Silicon Valley. Ian’s career trajectory is truly unparalleled as most professionals take double or triple the time to reach the coveted Director title. In the world of corporate pay per click marketing, Ian Lopuch is one of the most respected and successful professionals around.

Just a year into his career, Ian quickly noticed a shortage of strong people managers in the world of search marketing. In this extremely young industry, the average manager is just a few years out of college. Moreover, things are moving rapidly enough that the majority of organizations lack infrastructure and career progression advice specific to search engine marketers.

In face of this management shortage, Ian quickly stepped up as a team lead and people manager just one year into his career. Ian is now acclaimed as one of the top people managers in the industry and has mentored people who are now Senior Managers and even Marketing Directors in their own right. Ian has mentored and helped shape the careers of dozens and dozens of SEM professionals. With the goal of helping even more SEM professionals, Ian decided to Launch in November, 2009. (or PPC Ian) is the leading resource on the Internet devoted to pay per click search engine marketing career advice. Many blogs and tutorials already provide tactical campaign management advice. However, Ian Lopuch quickly learned that career specific advice in the world of pay per click is very limited on the Internet. While PPC Ian will also include information about tactical campaign management, web publishing, and other related fields, its core mission will always be high leverage SEM career advice.

The initial articles on PPC Ian offer some of Ian Lopuch’s highest leverage search engine marketing career tips. He speaks about SEM career longevity as an amazing tool to grow from entry level Marketing Associate to SEM Manager in just a few years. He writes about leveraging LinkedIn to get SEM job offers daily. Ian even discusses how PPC managers can learn more about SEO by publishing websites during their free time. Perhaps most excitingly, PPC Ian’s debut includes an exclusive and free PPC eBook highlighting Ian’s Top 5 Pay Per Click Career Tips. Simply sign up for PPC Ian’s email newsletter and receive the incredibly valuable eBook for free.

In terms of next steps, Ian Lopuch anticipates adding new SEM career tips to PPC Ian regularly with the goal of quickly reaching several hundred articles. Moreover, as a natural born public speaker, Ian anticipates adding video to PPC Ian shortly. One thing is for sure: is taking the search engine marketing industry by storm offering first of its kind SEM career advice. On a personal level, Ian Lopuch sincerely hopes to assist as many search marketers as possible in their quest towards rapid promotion and success. Ian Lopuch states, “I’m passionate about helping professionals build successful careers in pay per click search engine marketing. PPC Ian will allow me to reach and help more SEM professionals than ever.”

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