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Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) November 19, 2009

Runa announced its launch into the emerging e-commerce arena called “Conversion Marketing,” – which takes over where SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) stops. Runa’s service focuses on converting web traffic into sales while shoppers are still on the website. With its new service, Runa is addressing a real opportunity for e-businesses to increase sales from their existing traffic and marketing spend by dynamically presenting optimized sale prices and incentives.

Over the past several years, online marketing has focused on driving traffic to websites through SEO/SEM. Last year alone, e-tailers spent $ 21 billion, or 15% of their revenues, in online marketing to drive traffic to their websites. However, the average conversion rate of actual visitors that resulted in sales transactions was a dismal 2-3 percent. Runa solves this costly business problem by helping e-tailers rescue lost sales, optimize their SEO/SEM investments, and protect profits through its new conversion marketing service.

Price is the New Black

Due to the ongoing economic downturn, most purchasers have changed their shopping behavior and become real value- and deal-seeking shoppers. This current behavior is expected to last well after the recession concludes. Therefore, focusing on delivering the right price to the right shopper at the right time is more important than ever. Runa is leading the new breed of providers that are focused on helping e-tailers use ‘price’ as a sales lever to both increase conversion and maximize profits.

Conversion Marketing

Most pricing strategies are rule-based where there is one price for all shoppers. Conversion marketing-focused solutions, on the other hand, use real-time shopper insights and merchant business rules to deliver dynamic sale prices and incentives to individual shoppers. Rather than simply setting a price and establishing a corresponding markdown and promotion strategy, the latest tools are intelligent and get better over time. Conversion marketing is a new market category that will be the next wave in online marketing. It is defined by several key factors: