London, Farringdon (PRWEB) September 14, 2009

Many investors are now turning their focus back to the housing market, as the demand for property increases significantly. Consequently estate agents and property services are now in a race to position themselves in the best possible place to profit from the upturn in business . This has seen more companies place an increased emphasis on internet marketing in bids to become more creative, using additional means to ensure that, it is their company, and their properties, which consumers engage with according to the property manager survey 2009.

Advertising in the shop window, local magazines, newspapers, and the familiar; “For Sale” sign, are no longer enough to ensure maximum exposure and secure that final sale. Instead with growing numbers of consumers turning to the internet as a search tool, because it allows them to enter their specific requirements and quickly be presented with relevant results. It has left companies within the housing market no choice but to adopt online marketing to reach consumers where they are, and battle it out to get their their business at the forefront of search engine results.

A recent survey conducted by ( a resource for property manager) highlights the perception of UK property mangers towards: Online marketing.

Property Manager Survey 2009:

Internet Marketing

72% say Internet marketing is a priority

22% say Internet marketing is important but can’t find time

Company Website

61% say a company website is very important

Social Networks

33% say yes its required but only a little

( : A resource for property manager. 2009)

Looking at examples of companies within the property industry which have truly adopted Internet marketing as a core strategy, it is clear to see the kind of results which can be achieved as a result of online marketing. The property company, House-Revolution shifted to an online only marketing strategy and achieved