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Redding, CT (PRWEB) November 5, 2009

On Thursday, November 12, at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time, Dan Soha, CEO of search agency Five Mill, will deliver an educational webcast at Search Marketing Now, “PPC & Geo-Targeting.”

This webcast is free and is sponsored by Marin Software. SMN Registration is open and more information is available at Search Marketing Now.

PPC advertisers use geographical targeting to create more focused and targeted advertising campaigns. By limiting the geographic target, advertisers can increase efficiency, boost conversion rates and improve their overall ROI for PPC advertising.

This webcast will provide advanced tips and tactics for using geo-targeting in a PPC advertising campaign. Dan Soha will discuss how to use keywords to maximize geo-targeting, how to outbid the competition, plus what some of the differences are among the main search engines.

Dan Soha is CEO of Five Mill, Inc, a San Francisco-based search marketing firm. He has developed innovative techniques that draw not only on his skills in marketing and advertising, but also on his academic background in the field of Algorithm Theory. As the Principal and SEM Specialist of Five Mill, he provides his expertise along with custom-tailored SEM strategies to clients in such varied fields as lead aggregation, retail, broker, brand advertisement, and more.

This webcast is sponsored by Marin Software. Founded in April 2006 by experienced search marketers and software experts, Marin Software provides a browser-based, enterprise-class paid search management application for advertisers and agencies. Marin Search Marketer