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Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

PizzazzWeb, a Web Design and Advertising company, has released a revolutionary Content Management System (CMS) for Flash that makes it easy to create and edit content for a flash site, but also makes the content readable by the web crawling search bots. The CEO of PizzazzWeb stated, Flash provides an engaging interactive experience that allows Businesses to present their brand and products in a unique memorable fashion and that is what Branding and Search Engine Optimization is all about.

The average business website might contain a flash banner or video that presents an opportunity for the surfer to interact with the site but when you click you are back to the standard HTML view of the world. The reason is traffic. Like any brick and mortar store a business on the web needs traffic or it dies. Traffic on the web is largely controlled by the search engines so if the search bot cannot read your site you do not get traffic, end of story, right? The developers at PizzazzWeb stepped back, took a fresh look at the issue and developed a solution. The solution serves up the content to the search bots and makes it easy to add everything from new pages, menus, pictures, videos and the core of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), text and more text.

Until now Flash sites have been hampered by search directories because they could not read the content. The sites also had to be created and maintained by experts who knew and worked with Flash software. What makes the PizzazzWeb CMS revolutionary is the content provider does not have to know Flash, HTML, CSS or any other technical aspects of programming or development. Then without the user having to perform any additional steps the CMS makes all the content on the site 100% indexable by the search directories.

There is a good video available at that provides an overview of the CMS. Below are the key points that a user or potential client should be aware of.

Once the site is developed and installed everything is handled by the CMS interface:

In order for a business to take advantage of the CMS the site has to be developed using the Flash components developed by PizzazzWeb. Meaning you cannot develop a site and then install the CMS. The user updates the content from media to text and the background CMS software takes care of formatting and incorporating it into the website.

There is a Wizard that walks the content provider through every aspect of maintaing the site:

All the updates to the website can be done using the wizard. The Wizard takes the user through the process of updating everything from the structure of the site, creating or deleting pages to changing a line of text on a page. All the functions can also be accomplished using the menus and properties panels associated with every object contained on the site.

Everything from the structure to every line of text can be modified or deleted:

The content is contained in a Flash SWF movie. How is it possible to change the structure of a movie on the fly and have it work? Well, the folks at PizzazzWeb are not revealing the details. They were however, happy to demonstrate. They changed the transitions, the menus, moved videos, deleted pages and added new pages, all within the HTML based CMS interface, saved the changes, typed the URL into the browser and all the changes were there. The amazing part of this was it took one person working with the CMS interface about fifteen minutes to make a dozen updates and have the new version of the site up and working on the Web.

PizzazzWeb, LLC is a Design, Advertising and Financial Services Company that provides end to end Business Services to companies from small business startups to major corporations looking to expand or enhance their brand. PizzazzWeb services include Web Development, Hosting, Marketing, Investment and Merchant Accounts. They can be contacted through their website or by phone at (888) 630-1231.

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