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New York, NY (PRWEB) December 14, 2009

Some investors wonder where all their money went and many think fraud was involved. However the general problem is that most investors were not aware of the missing consumer protection regarding deposits in Caribbean and Latin American real estate developments. Those who trusted estate agents and forgot to use escrow and title guarantee services have lost the most money during the last couple of years.

Now many investors are spending thousands of dollars on legal fees to try to recover their investment somewhere in Caribbean or Latin America. Or even worse, quite a few has lost confidence in the local law firm they contacted in order to try get their money back from an unfinished or troubled Dominican real estate project. Angry and diluted investors has found the court case to be one big farce often postponed or delayed for years. In some bizarre situations cases has been thrown out of court after years of fighting and paying expensive lawyer fees due to corrupt legal systems.

In order to get a grip of the situation Dominican Watchdog – The most powerful international consumer protection agency in the Caribbean, launched a “No Cure No Pay” service for investors to recover money lost from deposits and payments to real estate agents and development projects.

Those who have a legal claim against any real estate agent or development in the Caribbean, can contact Dominican Watchdog with a copy of a signed notarized contract and proof or payments. In less than 72 hours you will receive an estimate regarding the costs of recovering the funds. Dominican Watchdog have recovering funds from the Dominican Republic and other Latin America countries with a success rate of close to 90% in the last 12 months.

Dominican Watchdog is working hard to obtain swift out of court settlements in less than 100 days. And if they can’t, then the client should not pay a dime to any of their highly specialized associates.

Dominican Watchdog have the strongest internet presence in the area. Their experienced SEO and SEM team is doing everything to insure, that estate agents and developers, who defraud investors will end up on page one on the internet.

Helping small investors collecting money is a wonderful thing in these hard financial times, however in the interest of international consumer protection, the main goal of Dominican Watchdog according to its founder Jan Vistisen, is to prevent real estate agents and developers from operating by exposing their scams. The biggest problem is that Caribbean and Latin America do not offer the same level of consumer protection as North American and European investors are used to from back home, and therefore it often happens that those who trust, get trapped in a “Black Hole” of fraud and corruption.

Dominican Watchdog recommends that property buyers avoid lawsuits in most Latin countries as they are “the beginning without the end” because even if you finally win the case, chances that you will be able to collect on the verdict is highly unlikely. Read this before starting a lawsuit in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Watchdog is a nonprofit organization. They offer free advice and help to a lot of people from around the world so the worts pit falls can be avoided when investing in the Caribbean real estate market. Overseas property buyers interested in the Caribbean real estate can find more information on their website Dominican Property Guide – 10 simple rules to avoid fraud and corruption in the Dominican real estate market.


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