Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) August 17, 2011

Marketing automation provider, Genoo, LLC, today announced the release of two new search engine optimization (SEO) toolsthe Competitive Analysis Tool and the Content Relevancy Tooldesigned to take the guesswork out of getting websites ranked in search results for important keywords. Genoos new SEO tools were developed so that businesses can optimize their natural website rankings in search engines without a lot of costly, trial-and-error experimentation. No other SEO tools in the marketplace today offer this depth of competitive analysis and information that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization activities.

Genoos Competitive Analysis Tool enables an online marketer to figure out exactly what is needed to improve search positioning on important target keyphrases. Instead of guessing about the competitive landscape, the Competitive Analysis Tool sizes up competitors websites, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and then pinpoints exactly what to work on so that business keyphrases will generate the most traffic for its website.

Genoos Content Relevancy Tool expands on this to help develop content that is relevant for the keywords and phrases. It identifies the types of supporting terms the search engines are looking for as key indicators that a page is relevant for a particular keyphrase. It does this by analyzing content on the business website measured against that of the competing websites for that keyphrase. This is especially important in developing pay-per-click campaigns because when a landing page has more relevant content, the search engines give it a better quality score and that lowers the cost-per-click.

In traditional SEO methodology, there’s usually a lot of trial and error just figuring out the important factors a business needs to incorporate in developing a website, explained Kim Albee, Genoos President. Genoos new SEO toolsthe Competitive Analysis Tool and the Content Relevancy Toolare literally game changers because they remove the guesswork by providing information about what needs to be focused on so a strategy can be built around accomplishing that focus, and ultimately, SEO success. Thats especially important for the SMB market that cant afford to waste cycles with guesswork.

Genoo is committed to helping SMB marketers compete more effectively. This offering is designed to impact the visitor traffic through optimizing search engine relevancy and competitiveness. Combined with Genoos complete marketing automation toolset, which includes extended tracking, SMB marketers can turn those visitors into leads, and identify which leads are most active and sales-ready. Genoo allows small-to-midsize businesses to generate more leads, nurture them, build relationships, and turn more of them into customers. For more information, visit http://www.genoo.com.

About Genoo, LLC

Genoo, LLC, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering of integrated online marketing tools for the emerging Marketing Automation needs that all organizations must embrace to compete. Genoos mission is to provide Marketing Automation and Online Marketing tools for the small- and mid-sized market. Genoo has enough flexibility and functionality for large corporations, but is affordable and accessible to every marketer who needs them. (http://www.genoo.com)

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