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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 23, 2012

MailChimp today announced the release of its integration with Custora, a customer analytics tool. Thousands of online retailers use MailChimp for their email marketing. This integration with Custora allows these businesses to better analyze their customers’ behavior, discover new ways to make customers happier, implement those insights, and in turn, make more money using MailChimp.

MailChimp is a powerful tool for anyone who sells something online. Regardless of scale, a business can create beautiful emails, and, with MailChimp’s eCommerce360 plugin, target emails to customers based on how frequently they open emails, what they’ve recently purchased, how much they’ve spent, plus many other options. Sometimes, however, a business needs a deeper understanding of what customers want, how they behave, and what’s actually going to make them satisfied over time.

Custora uses advanced statistical modeling and probability theory to help businesses learn more about their customers, boost revenue for certain customer types, and gain greater knowledge of how to boost sales. It gives small and medium sized businesses the sorts of tools and insights that were previously reserved only for data-crunching giants such as Amazon or Zappo’s.

“We’ve been long-time MailChimp users ourselves, and so it was natural to connect with another platform who shares our vision of making powerful, enterprise-level tools available to a wide audience,” says Custora Co-Founder, Jon Pospischil.

Custora helps businesses answer simple, meaningful questions about themselves and their customers. How much should be spent to gain a new customer? How much will the average customer spend over a two year period? What percentage of revenue is from new customers versus existing ones? Which types of email campaigns make the most money over time?

These sorts of questions can be central to a business’s success, and Custora allows users to dig into the numbers, test hypotheses and accurately gauge how different marketing plans are working. Businesses can then devote more resources to what’s actually getting the job done.

This integration lets MailChimp users continue to leverage their existing email marketing efforts, while incorporating Custora’s features. To get started, a business would use Custora to analyze customer behavior, and segment customers accordingly. They could then automate specialized email campaigns to be sent to those segments via MailChimp’s email delivery infrastructure.

The automation is a powerful piece for businesses. Custora can be set so that customers receive an email when they sign up, when they make their first purchase, every 30 days until they make a purchase, or any other configuration. Businesses can then test different messaging and contact frequencies to refine their email marketing program.

The result is a comprehensive, fully automated email marketing effort that is responsive to different customer types and behaviors. Customers who buy frequently will receive certain types of coupons on preset intervals, tailored to their more extravagant tastes, while customers who havent purchased anything in six months will automatically receive a different coupons or messages designed to bring them back into the fold. The various ways to segment and market to different customers are endless, and all email campaigns are sent automatically through MailChimp.

Custora provides industry-leading, predictive customer analytics for companies like Fab, Threadless, and Etsy”, adds Pospischil. “The new integration with MailChimp enables small and medium sized retailers to take action on the same insights – some MailChimp retailers are already seeing increases in profit per customer of 70% with the integration.”


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