(PRWEB) March 26, 2012

ICanLocalize, provider of software localization and translation, has officially launched its new machine intelligence system for software localization.

The machine intelligence system detects problematic text and helps clients to clarify it, before and during the localization process. This streamlines translation, and improves the efficiency and quality of software localization.

Amir Helzer, CTO of ICanLocalize explains:

We translate dozens of apps every week, as well as our own system and tools. The problem of ambiguous text is always popping up, so we decided to find a solution that would work from the ground up. Our research found that mobile apps often include cryptic texts which translators cant understand. This causes long delays and frustration to both clients and translators. We knew that what was needed was a tool that identifies such text and has a mechanism for clients to explain them, before translators begin.

The results of using machine intelligence to locate and clarify ambiguous text has been amazing. In just two months, there has been a 40% increase in translator productivity, project deadlines have shrank and translation quality is increased.

Amir continues:

When you translate an app into 15 languages, the last thing that you need to have is 15 different translators ask the same question. Clients can be slow to respond and translators have to guess the meaning of text. By highlighting unclear content and guiding clients through it, weve solved the problem. Now, clients explain everything in a few minutes and projects run uninterrupted.

ICanLocalizes machine intelligence system now runs by default on every software localization project. It identifies texts that include placeholders or unclear words and lets clients enter their description. The client can either select the correct meaning from the suggestion-wizard or enter a text description manually.

When translators receive the text for translation, it comes with the clients comments, letting the translator complete the work without any interruption.

At the end of the translation process the client is encouraged to let translators review the final results in the application. This final step helps translators perfect their work and deliver native-looking apps in their chosen language.

About ICanLocalize

ICanLocalize is a leader in software localization and website translation. It runs in self-service mode, allowing clients to set up their own translation projects and contract professional, certified, translators from within ICanLocalize. The system can automatically handle iOS apps, Android apps and other popular software formats. In addition, it also connects seamlessly to WordPress and Drupal websites.

You can learn more about ICanLocalize and start translation projects at: http://www.icanlocalize.com