Froogle Feeds For Shopping Sites – Step By Step Process

Google created a shopping search tool called “Froogle”. It has been called one of the most innovative price conscious tools on the Internet. Using the same technologies of, Froogle employs direct data received from merchants and through web crawls alone. Depending on the successes of the beta testing phase will provide adequate information as to whether Google continues with Froogle.
Froogle is different from most other price engines in that it neither charges any fees for listings, nor accepts payment for products to show up first. Also, it makes no commission on sales. Any company can submit product information (via a “data feed”) and be included in the Froogle engine. Froogle uses Google’s technology to search specific product information so your products can easily be located.
Froogle Advantages:
• Froogle is on the Google home page
Millions of shoppers go to Google each day and many are actively looking for the products that you are selling.
• You can list your products on Froogle for FREE
Unlike other shopping sites, Froogle costs nothing. There is not spending account to set up. No cost-per-click. No cost period.
• You control your product info on Froogle
Froogle’s data feed lets you maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information. This ensures that your product information is also current.
Client site requirements for SEM experts:
1. Site URL
2. Should be listed products on clients’ site with its price, item no.