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Stow, MA (PRWEB) August 30, 2011

Earley & Associates(E&A), the information-management consulting firm, today announced a free Jumpstart webinar series on content strategy:

Content in Context: Why Dynamic Content and Content Choreography Is Critical to Information Management

Seth Earley, CEO, said, The challenge today is finding cost-effective publishing solutions for web sites with constantly changing content. This requires new methodologies and technologies to reduce the cost of cross-selling, leverage content for reuse, and enable personalized content syndication and assembly. This call series brings together a unique set of insights on how to succeed with this challenge.

Jeannine Bartlett, E&A Vice-President and Chief Solution Architect, explained content choreography, Content management for todays dynamic websites uses a deft combination of taxonomy and metadata to drive presentation and site search. Factor in brand management, SEO, audience segmentation and business-side governance and you have content choreography.

The sessions include talks from a diverse range of industry experts and practitioners with hands-on case studies.

Session 1: Developing a Dynamic Content Management Strategy – September 15, 2011

Session 2: Content Choreography, IA & Search – September 22, 2011

Session 3: Dynamic Content Processes and Information Management Governance –