Atlanta, Ga (PRWEB) February 07, 2012

Intown Web Design (, reviewed the C List Celebrity backpacks by Crumpler. Crumpler makes one of a kind carrying cases for photographers, designers and workers on-the-go. Intown Web Design tested and reviewed Crumpler ( to learn more about the backpacks and what they offer.

While reviewing Crumpler the Intown Web Design reviewer, Steven Johnson, found that Crumpler did a great job with their design of the pack. Steven purchased the bags to test them with his photography equipment. His review of the backpacks point out several key features.

For the review, Steven went into detail about how the bag works. He talked about the size differences between the small, medium, and large backpacks. The main differences between the sizes comes down to how much equipment needs to be stored. Steven explained, The C List Celebrity backpacks are made primarily for going from point A to point B. They are not made for long, 7-day excursions. They are made for day trips where you will bring a significant amount of equipment that needs proper protection and storage.

The review points out several key features of the backpack like the velcro, detachable shelves that allow for flexibility when packing up items of many different sizes. Each of the sizes can hold a significant amount of equipment.

Crumplers C List Celebrity is built with serious strength and protects against outside elements really well. The inside is stiff providing support around expensive lenses and camera bodies.

Steven said, Overall, these backpacks were exactly what I was looking for. I needed something that was reasonably sized but could hold all my equipment. The small worked well for me, but I can only imagine how much equipment could be stored in the medium and large sizes.

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