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(PRWEB) August 22, 2011

Clopton Capital is a commercial financing firm that is located in Chicago, IL. They primarily focus on commercial mortgages, SBA loans and niche financing mechanisms such as gas station loans and semi truck financing. The founder of Clopton Capital is Jake Clopton and this press release is part of Clopton Capital’s consistent effort to remain involved with the public, namely their future clients. Clopton Capital can be contacted at

Clopton Capital has recently built and promoted another website for the purpose of providing owner operator financing to semi truck drivers. The website is called and since inception it’s presence has grown significantly throughout the internet. Clopton Capital has recently hired an employee to field submissions and phone calls from semi truck drivers seeking owner operator loans to purchase their own trucks. Via search engine optimization and partnerships with other services providing less aggressive semi truck financing programs, Clopton Capital is expected to need more employees within the next few months. This really has just blown up over the last couple of months. A lot of truckers are excited by our program that allows them to purchase their own semi truck and become self employed for only $ 500 down, said Jake Clopton of the recent surge in interest in his company’s service. is currently one of Clopton Capital’s most profitable website out of network of nearly two dozen and according to associates of Clopton Capital will probably become a larger part of the business as time goes on. Trucking is a nearly if not entirely recession-proof industry. Trucking companies are always hiring it seems and this is what makes financing semi trucks such a great business, said Matt Reed, and associate of Clopton Capital. Clopton Capital is working to continue adding new partnerships to their program and increase their web presence to promote this financing service.