Cape Coral’s City Manager Gary King was fired tonight by the City Council by a vote of 6 – 2. A search is on for an interim replacement.

AND from the news site written by Stephanie Kolp:

King leaves with a severance of nearly $72,000. But for the majority on council, it is money worth spending.

The city’s current Parks and Recreation Director, Steve Pohlman, has taken over as interim city manager and the search begins now for a permanent replacement.

“I’m relieved that the process has been completed. It’s been unnerving to work as an administrative team with the uncertainty of what’s going on,” he said.

He says he’s taking the job, hoping to increase the morale of city employees.

“I would like to bring that uplifted attitude to the employees and let them know they are supported by the administration,” he said.

His first task will be to help find a permanent replacement for King because Pohlman says he does not want the job.

And it seems council will look far and wide for the right person – someone with experience in the public sector, which Gary King did not.

Pohlman gets a 5-percent raise, as mandated by the city’s charter.

The council hopes to hire a search team to look for permanent candidates by January.