Chelmsford, MA (PRWEB) January 10, 2005

BlogMine, a leading developer of blog content mining services, will today begin offering its GoldRush (sm) service to bloggers and content syndicators. This service enables publishers to monetize blog and syndication content regardless of the syndication format.

The service provides a universal way to monetize all blog related content, regardless of whether it is published to the Web or as an RSS / Atom feed. Bloggers are in full control and are now able to maximize the earning potential of their blogs.

BlogMine’s service integrates seamlessly into popular blogging publisher tools such as Movable Type and WordPress. As a post is entered or edited, the content is analyzed and the most appropriate and most revenue generating text ad is inserted into the page or RSS / Atom feed. Publishers get paid as visitors click on the ads.

A-list fashion blogger Manolo will be launching the service across his series of high-fashion related blogs, Manolo’s Shoe Blog, Manolo For The Men, and Manolo’s Prada Blog, among others. “BlogMine gives the Manolo exactly what he needs– the super-fantastic and unparalleled control over the blog revenue”, says Manolo.

Ad services are provided by Chitika, Inc. “Chitika has created a contextual ad framework for monetizing blogs and RSS / Atom feeds. Blog software developers like BlogMine can leverage the web services to enable blog advertising. BlogMine has solved a real problem for bloggers– and Chitika is excited to be part of the solution. ” says Alden DoRosario, CTO of Chitika.

BlogMine’s service is free to use at no charge and no risk; it is available for immediate use.

BlogMine’s software plug-in model gives the blogger more control over what is inserted into blogs and feeds. It simplifies blog content monetization since the service can monetize all blog content regardless of how it is being published. Adding contextual text ads to blog and RSS / Atom feeds has become a checkbox away for publishers.

BlogMine supports many standard ad sizes as well as some proprietary non-standard ad products optimized for feeds. BlogMine would be well suited for bloggers who would like customized or non-standard ad products for their pages or feeds.

Further enhancements to the service, including micro-payment processing and affiliate services, are underway to provide more monetization power to bloggers.

About BlogMine: (

BlogMine provides innovative blog and syndication content mining services that maximize revenue opportunities for commercial and individual publishers.

For more information, please visit or send email to [email protected]

About Chitika: (

Chitika offers unique one-stop-shop contextual advertising services that combine the strengths of multiple pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising Networks into one, simplifying ad placement and revenue generation for clients.

For more information, please visit or send email to [email protected]


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