Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 12, 2009

Best SEO Web Design by Todd Donald Chicago, IL based web designer, promises to make SEO Website Design easy and affordable. for middle market companies, small businesses and sole proprietor owner operated home based businesses. Offering complete website design packages including search engine optimization and search engine submission, social networking and more for just $ 499.

The term “SEO” is short for Search Engine Optimization”, which encapsulates the entire process of creating a website that is search engine friendly. Only a website that is built with search engines in mind and properly optimized for search engines will ever show up as being organically relevant in search engine results.

While the majority of marketing companies and web design firms continue to charge huge amounts of money, (anywhere from $ 2000 – $ 10000 depending on your project), as a Freelance web designer, Todd Donald charges only a fraction of that amount, in an effort to help stimulate the economy for businesses nationwide who are seeking more affordable marketing.

Freelance Web Designer Todd Donald can help companies with Internet marketing, by making sure that people can find those company’s websites when they use search engines like Google