If you enjoy getting creative and are tech savvy, you should seek an art degree in web design. Such a degree can be invaluable and is now in demand more than ever. There will be no shortage of work for anyone with an art degree in web design as most businesses now have websites or are in the process of developing websites.

The average person is not creative or tech savvy enough to create their own website. For this reason, they often purchase software that will enable them to create a website for themselves. However, these cookie cutter type websites are hardly unique. Many people wish to really make a statement with their business or personal website but do not know how. For this reason, they will often hire a web designer.

A web designer is creative enough to know how to use graphics and artwork to really make a website stand out and tech savvy enough to know how to incorporate different elements into the website. A web designer can easily begin working from their home upon graduation. There is no entry level position for a professional web designer. A person will be able to begin designing websites even before attaining their art degree in web design.

A career in web design is perfect for the individual who would rather work alone and who dislikes interacting with people. Not everyone likes working with other people or with the public. Many people prefer to work on their own than in a team environment so that they can see the results of their work for themselves. Most of us feel uncomfortable interacting with strangers on a daily basis and very few of us like to be subjected to criticism from strangers regularly.

A web designer will have to have enough people skills to be able to procure a job from an individual or company, but will not spend a lot of time interacting with other people. They will have to be able to use their imagination and creativity to design a truly unique website incorporating all of the tools available to them and for the benefit of their client. A web designer can either charge by the hour or by the job. Most web designers charge a flat fee for designing a website. Additional fees can be incorporated into the job if more work is required from the web designer.

Another area where a web designer can find work is by teaching others how to design their own websites. In addition to having their own successful business designing websites for individuals and companies, a person with an art degree in web design can also add to their income by teaching weekly classes on web design, such as the basic requirements needed to get started.

You do not need to get a four year degree in web design. You can get a two year degree and begin working right away. An art degree in web design can be a great way to use both your technological and creative skills to earn a lucrative living in a growing career field.