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(PRWEB) August 27, 2011

Indiana web design – Having a well-designed website is only a quarter of the amount of what it takes to be successful on the internet, online marketing for any website is the rest. In todays world any business that does not have a presence on the web is missing out on lost revenue. ComScore reported earlier this year that in the fourth quarter of 2010, 43.4 billion dollars was spent on Retail E- Commerce in the U.S. alone, with so much competition without online marketing any website will sit there basically invisible on Google, Bing and other search engines under all similar sites that do market. The question is what makes online marketing so important?

It takes 1 click to connect with customers is SEO Marketing Media Elites philosophy. Behind that philosophy, SEO Marketing Media Elite has a formula to make that one click a success. These online internet marketing gurus focus on web design, search engine optimization, keyword writing, Google Ads, social media, blogging services, press releases, public relations and of course online marketing. Each and every client will have a different marketing plan with this firm; no business has the same needs so the online marketing plans shouldnt either.

An optimized website for that particular market along with successful online marketing is about working directly with the clients. They usually have the nuts and bolts and we have the knowledge to put them all together. We measure the effectiveness of each campaign through different analytic reports such as Google analytics, said Chris the marketing director of SEO Marketing Media Elite.

SEO Marketing Media Elite understands that their client base has many options for online marketing; while they are certain they will stay with them once they come on board due to the quality and success that each client receives they still like to put a spot light on new clients and success stories when they can. These clients if not already, will be involved with the It takes 1 click to connect with customers campaign.

Brickyard Pediatrics is having a Grand opening November 15th 2011

Brickyard Pediatrics, a Hometown Hobart health care solution for children. Experience a return to old time private practice with modern medical technology. Focusing on local solutions to preventative pediatric health care for children from birth to 21. Flexible hours with appointments being taken in advance of opening November 15th.

Ocean View Travel Agency, a customer of SEO Marketing Media Elite for over a year is a true success story. This company is expanding and opening up an additional office in the Dominican Republic. They will be starting up excursions and tours on this tropical island in February of 2012.

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