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(PRWEB) December 22, 2012

The dental dental marketing experts at Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) want to make sure dentists have all of their bases covered. That’s why the new IDA dentist website packages include automated search engine optimization (SEO), lead tracking, dozens of web page options to choose from, detailed online video tutorials that show how to use each and every component, Facebook pages, mobile websites and much more.

“It’s not hard to see that if your practice doesn’t have a dental website, it won’t be found by the increasing numbers of people who now use the internet instead of the Yellow Pages to find a dentist,” explains Jim Du Molin, dental marketing expert and founder of Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. “IDA’s turnkey dental marketing packages make it easy to set up a Portal that promotes your clinical skills and creates a steady source of high-value leads for your practice.”

Doctors can easily customize each of their Portals using their online Control Panel. Based on their clinical skills, they choose the dental treatment focus for their Portal from among the top 25 dental services that consumers search for online like cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, braces, sedation dentistry, etc.

Then they simply enter their dental practice information office hours, doctor names and credentials, phone numbers, address etc. IDA’s proprietary content publishing technology then takes over and creates their customized dental practice marketing Portal in less than 10 minutes. It has hundreds of web pages, each automatically search engine optimized for the clinical skill and local geographic markets that were chosen by the dentist.

The IDA New Patient Marketing Machine multiple website packages also include bonus video trainings that help the front desk improve their marketing skills. Although IDA dental websites (New Patient Portals) are the mainstays of the system, these videos help the dental team convert leads created by the Portal into new patients that fill dental chairs.

About Internet Dental Alliance, Inc.

In 2012, IDA completed its advanced Lead Fire lead generation system, which automates content marketing, can be set up within minutes, is based on organic geo-targeted local search, and is customized for each dental office. Internet Dental Alliance is North America’s largest provider of websites for dentists and dental directories. It provides dentists and dental practices with internet dental marketing services such as websites, dental marketing tools and other dental management advice and resources.

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Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) December 23, 2012

On December 23, fishbat comments on an article published on Mashable that reveals four major brand names that do not use conventional social media to advertise.

According to the Mashable article, the overwhelming majority of recognizable brands have some kind of Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account to supplement their advertising efforts and communicate with their customer base.

Marlboro is identified as one of the four brands that are mentioned as non-users of social media. Marlboro has been an icon of tobacco products before the advent of social media. However, the article suggests that the reason Marlboro may not take advantage of the benefits of social media is due to the risk getting caught in legal red tape. The article cites the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement as one of the largest possible obstacles. The article goes on to state that Viagra has no official account linked to Facebook or Twitter. Like Marlboro, the article eludes to Viagras hesitation due to FDA regulations.

Trader Joes and Apple were acknowledged as the other two brands that do not officially use social media. Unlike Marlboro and Viagra, Trader Joes and Apple offer products that have no real point of controversy. The article did not speculate on either of the brands lack of advertising but regarded them as successful despite not using social media.

Sida Li, VP of Internal Operations at online marketing company fishbat, made a comment with regard to not actively using social media. To see a famous brand not taking advantage of social media is truly fascinating, especially considering the massive following social media has. It puzzles me why a brand like Apple or Trader Joes wouldnt utilize social media but I have no doubt that benefits would follow if they did.

fishbat, Inc. is a full service online marketing firm. Through social media management, search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and public relations, fishbat strives as a marketing firm to raise awareness about your brand and strengthen your corporate image.


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Santa Rosa, CA (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

MediWebPRs parent company JB Communications has offered quality, successful medical marketing strategies to a diversity of Hospitals, IPAs, HMOs, large and small specialty medical groups, and physicians since 1988. Maintaining a highly visible, positive online image has become increasingly important and complicated in recent years, and many medical groups dont have the time or resources to develop an effective online marketing campaign for their practices.

To meet the demand for marketing solutions in the healthcare industry, JB Communications is launching MediWebPR to physicians and organizations across the nation. MediWebPR can now increase healthcare online visibility, maintain high standard patient evaluations, and communicate expert information from physicians and practices to their target audiences. These strategies have proven to be very successful at establishing MediWebPRs clients as industry leaders in their respective fields, as well as bringing them more targeted patients.

MediWebPR founder and president, John Beilharz, PhD, received his Masters Degree in Community Psychology and his PhD in Organizational Development. Mr. Beilharz directs the Medical Marketing Department, which now makes up 75% of the total clients for JB Communications.

Mr. Beilharz explains, The ease of access of information via the internet has revolutionized the ways in which people of all ages select their doctors and medical services. Data from MediWebPRs referral reports indicates a major increase in the amount of referrals coming in from outside a doctors office or hospital over the last 5 years. The percentage of the population using the internet and social media to make health care choices continues to increase at an alarming rate.

Recent data from the Pew Research Center shows that almost 9 out of 10 adults in the United States use the internet, and that 80% of adult internet users search the web to find health information. Of the 85% of adults that own a cell phone, one-third have used their mobile phones to look up health information. The upward trend of internet and social media usage, combined with the increase of patient satisfaction websites such as Healthgrades and Vitals, makes it essential for physicians and their practices to structure calculated online marketing campaigns.

MediWebPR offers a one-of-a-kind comprehensive online marketing and public relations program that seizes every opportunity to have prospective and current patients discover medical clients and their services in a favorable light, maintaining a competitive edge over their competitors online market share. MediWebPR clients enjoy the healthy benefits of acquiring new patients from their target audiences, retaining existing patients, developing and maintaining high search engine rankings, as well as maintaining current, accurate information about physicians and practices on local affiliated hospitals websites.

Many businesses today offer marketing and reputation management services for a diversity of professional fields. MediWebPR concentrates solely on medical practices and organizations. Mr. Beilharz explains, We dont simply put band-aids on negative evaluations and erroneous information, we deal with the problem systemically using proven techniques to offer a solid long-term remedy.

Unfortunately, it doesnt take many negative reviews to deter prospective patients from choosing certain doctors and practices, and patients that have had negative experiences are more apt to leave reviews of their experience than patients that have had more positive experiences with their doctors. Physicians and practices work hard to bring professional, quality healthcare to their patients. Keeping physicians online reputations accurate and favorable is an essential part of growing any practice. MediWebPR Image Management accomplishes this by profiling clients as industry leaders, and making it very easy for patients and online viewers to share their positive experiences on third-party patient satisfaction websites.

Professional and effective online marketing and public relations begins with a website that not only looks good, but also establishes and maintains a high search search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. MediWebPR websites come equipped with MediWebPR Custom Connect, a website interface that enables MediWebPR to easily manage multiple social media profiles and website updates for clients. MediWebPRs Custom Connect efficiently communicates educational health information from practices to their targeted audiences, making the most out of custom content, and dramatically boosting SEO.

MediWebPR provides further optimization with its Digital Public Relations program, offering clients the opportunity for an enormous SEO boost at affordable rates. MediWebPR also offers clients pay-per-click campaigns with managers who carry Google Adwords Certification and years of experience running successful campaigns for a variety of clients. MediWebPR offers these and other online tools for their medical clients to provide them with a comprehensive online presence necessary for todays successful medical marketing plan. To find out more go to or contact directly at (707) 579-4977.

Dunedin, FL (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

Progressive Dental Marketing is preparing to open Austin, TXs dental market. From Jan. 2 through Jan. 4, 2013, CEO Bart Knellinger is traveling in the Austin area to expand their marketing clientele.

PDM currently markets for dental professionals in 23 out of the 50 states plus Washington, D.C. and Canada. PDM plans to continue expanding nationwide. There are presently 1,500 laser gum surgery specialists in the United States, which has been the focus of PDM so far. Although they are open to marketing for dental professionals who dont perform laser gum surgery, they do plan on keeping their market within the dental field.

Careful to give their clients the highest chances of success, PDM limits the amount of dental professionals they will promote in each area. They map the available opportunities in each market to ensure that all clients can dominate their community. Once they begin their travels into Austin, the open spaces will be competitive.

PDM gives each client a launch package which includes print materials about the laser procedure for use in their office. They build custom websites, and have their own Web Designer and SEO Specialist on staff to ensure they are building top-performing sites. Each client gets verified on Google Local, and their own personalized YouTube account is created for them.

Press release packages are available to cover dental topics such as gum disease treatments, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. PDM has qualified staff in-house to advise and train their clients front staff. With call tracking numbers for each client and 24 hour support, PDM is ready to ensure everyone is successful.

All sites are powered through local search engine optimization and are organically built to do well in Google searches. PDMs marketing team is constantly tracking the websites to determine top keywords, how they are ranking, and how they can be improved.

To check on available marketing spaces in Austin, TX, or for more information about PDM, visit their website at and call (888)-600-4996.

Progressive Dental Marketing has practiced several marketing strategies to bring dental professionals online visibility. Bart Knellinger, the founder of Progressive Dental Marketing, was born and raised in Palm Harbor, FL and grew up in his fathers dental office. Combining his personal experiences with his widespread involvement in sales, he brings extensive clinical information to his marketing firm. Based out of Dunedin, FL, Progressive Dental Marketing offers periodontal and dental offices successful promotion approaches in radio, TV, direct mail, billboard and internet marketing. Focusing on dental professionals across the country, Progressive Dental Marketing aims to increase their visibility regardless of location or demographic. To learn more about Progressive Dental Marketing, visit their website, and call (888)-600-4996.

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Jackson Heights, NY (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

Jackson Heights family and cosmetic dental practice, Roosevelt Dental Care has announced the launch of a new, patient-focused website. The practice recently launched the new website created by dental website design leader, ProSites, Inc. The website contains many interactive features including patient education videos which helps patients understand certain treatments and make better informed decisions about their oral health. The website also utilizes extensive search engine optimization techniques to reach patients and local consumers who are searching for relevant information about subjects such as Jackson Heights family dentistry services.

Current and prospective patients now have access to information about dental procedures, educational videos, and other informative content when they visit the website. Some of Roosevelt Dental Cares services include:

General Dentistry

Dental Implants and Restorations



Roosevelt Dental Care is also utilizing their website to educate the community on the importance of oral health as well as providing information on various dental treatments including getting Invisalign in Jackson Heights and cosmetic dentistry.

About Roosevelt Dental Care:

Roosevelt Dental Care and their professional staff are proud to serve both Jackson Heights and Corona with high quality dental care as well as promote oral health. With doctors educated in many different areas of dentistry, Roosevelt Dental Care has been able to provide comprehensive dentistry services. They belong to numerous professional associations including the American Dental Association and New York State Dental Association. For more information about Roosevelt Dental Care, please visit their website at

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