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Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

This past Monday, Duran Inci, the Co-Founder and COO of Optimum7, hosted a workshop at Florida International University for 150 students in Professor Yu Lius Principles of Advertising class. The majority of students were marketing majors looking to get into the marketing or public relations field. Durans presentation covered several aspects of online marketing, most notably the importance of building an online reputation and forming business relationships using platforms like social media.

The goal of this workshop is to breach the disconnect between the classroom education college students receive and the reality of marketing and its ever-changing strategies, says Inci. The challenge for both students and professors of marketing lies in the limitations of their textbooks to realistically relay the most up-to-date information about the industry. This is especially true of case studies, the purpose of which is to reflect real-world situations.

What may have been current even six months ago may no longer be the most innovative or effective choice, and so students lack an advantage when it comes to practical applications of what they are studying. So while students can study marketing in theory, the curriculum is not instructional from a real life standpoint.

Incis workshop provided students with in depth information on how to form business relationships and prepare for the work force. Duran emphasized the importance of building a professional online reputation on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, explaining that many employers use search engines to find profiles of prospective hires.

Duran also taught students the different ways to use social media to search for jobs, providing tips on how to approach the industrys work force. He illustrated the psychology of marketing for students and the power of branding, explaining different trends, how they went viral and why.

Lucia Sastre, an SEO specialist at Optimum7 and participant in Durans workshop says that, These are the issues that matter most to students how to apply what they are learning to the real world and how to find a career in their desired field. It can be difficult to capture the interest of college students, especially at 8 oclock in the morning, but students were taking notes and many of them came up after the presentation to ask questions one on one. Professor Liu said this was the most interest students had ever shown in a presentation. We provide these workshops to inform them about the possibilities and best practices for achieving their goals in this exciting field. FIU students are included in Optimum7s intern program as well.

Optimum7 and Duran Inci are committed to educating students about the realities of marketing through workshops at various colleges around Florida. He is available for workshops on diverse Internet Technologies and Online Branding Strategies.


Optimum7 is a highly consultative Internet marketing company with offices in Morristown, New Jersey and Miami, Florida. They specialize in Custom Online Marketing and Branding Strategies. They can be reached at 1.866.882.8484.

Estero, Florida (PRWEB) September 19, 2012

Estero, Florida resident/inventor Timothy Bourke has just received confirmation that retail giant Walmart will soon distribute his company’s patented Super Rope Cinch rope-locking device. Mr. Bourke’s company Just Right Products LLC, creators of the USA-made Super Rope Cinch, sat down for a second meeting with Walmart buyers on Wednesday September 12, 2012 at Walmart’s Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters. According to Mr. Bourke, Walmart’s decision to distribute their product came after seeing the large number of hardware and marine distributors already carrying the rope-securing device, and also the abundance of online press the Super Rope Cinch has attained over the past twelve months.

Timothy Bourke is no stranger to inventing. Over the past several years he has created and prototyped countless household and outdoor-related devices Mr. Bourke’s patented Super Rope Cinch is the first of his inventions that has been gaining momentum at retail stores and retail distributors over the past two years. The device will soon arrive at Walmart stores everywhere.

In late 2007, Timothy Bourke presented brother, Andrew Bourke with the idea to create a device that would eliminate the need to tie and untie knots, allowing anyone to secure (and un-secure) items when having to use rope. This was the birth of the now patented, Super Rope Cinch rope-locking product. In 2008, Timothy Bourke, who was then living in near Detroit Michigan, hired a local automotive plastic-injection molding company to help design and produce the device. Not much happened with the device until July 2010, when Timothy Bourke signed an agreement with Kevin Harrington’s TV Goods infomercial company. Unfortunately, the relationship with TV Goods did not prove productive. In October 2010, Timothy Bourke partnered with brother Andrew Bourke and began the process of manufacturing, distribution and advertizing the now popular boating and hardware gadget.

In May of 2011, Just Right Products LLC hired a national retail sales representative. In July 2011, Andrew Bourke hired his own company, Avidea PR, to begin a social media campaign along with writing and publishing online press releases for their unique product. By end of 2011, the Super Rope Cinch had gained distribution from two of the largest hardware distributors in the USA, and had also won the Members’ Choice award by USA hardware distribution giant, Do it Best.

In February 2012, The Bourke Brother’s began marketing the Super Rope Cinch to the Boy Scouts of America, promoting the product as a fundraising tool for both the Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts. Scouts, who are known for working with rope and always being prepared, have since begun selling the Super Rope Cinch to raise money.

Using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, along with a website, WordPress blog and several highly-distributed press releases, the Super Rope Cinch gained traction and popularity, which eventually led to major hardware and marine distribution channels, and now, Walmart.

“If you had told me even five years ago that the use of social media and online press releases would assist a boating and hardware device in obtaining national distribution, I doubt I would have believed you. Now, I can’t imagine how any product or service can be without social media and online press. Walmart’s response to seeing the thousands of news and media websites that had re-published our press releases was simply priceless. The Super Rope Cinch is just the first of many products we hope to manufacture and distribute. We now know that we can use online press and social media to create posture and increase awareness in a very short period of time. Using online press and social media is something that every inventor should take note of. We now know that we can literally put a product in the national spotlight and in front of millions of people in just a matter of months. I would encourage everyone with a product or service that they must use both social media and highly-distributed press releases to raise awareness and create posture to get attention from the big retailers. Consumers and retailers now expect to see an abundance of timely and relevant information on the Internet. If that information is lacking in any way, consumers simply look elsewhere. Retailers are looking for products that move off the shelves, so it’s up to us to create the in-store traffic. This knowledge of online media and social media is probably the most valuable asset Just Right Products LLC has.” according to Timothy Bourke, president of Just Right Products LLC.

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

With a fairly new satellite office in Nanuet, NY and with new representatives covering the NY, NJ, and CT areas, Top Ten Website Marketing is focusing on promoting their services in the northern states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with special deals and promotions. This local Internet Marketing Company is currently offering special NJ SEO Packages, NY Internet Marketing Deals, and free website analyses for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut business owners, as well as the many other services they provide.

Well over 14 billion online searches are performed each month and people and companies all around the globe are all feeling as though Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services are more necessary than optional for the functionality, advancement, and overall success of their businesses. Rather than relying on out-of-date, more conventional, and less effective advertisement and marketing methods, companies are realizing that online techniques, tactics, and approaches are the best, most effective, and most successful modes that can be utilized nowadays to maximize the exposure of websites, companies, etc., and to increase the quality of targeted website traffic, R.O.I. (Return on Investment), and overall success.

Top Ten Website Marketing offers a multitude of effective Internet Marketing and Online Advertisement Services, along with a plethora of other related and beneficial features and resources. With Local Internet Marketing being one of the most effective methods in todays society, one must be comfortable with and confident in the company they choose to not only assist them in this area and in their online advertisement, but also to best represent them on the Internet and to maximize their exposure, which will subsequently lead to the improvement of their overall exposure and success. They provide the highest quality of service (always keeping their clients as their number one priorities and always offering one-on-one consultations) for the most reasonable of rates, especially with their current promotions. They always provide verifiable proof of overall improvement and printed evidence of website traffic improvement and comparative data through monthly reports and charts.

Right now, business owners in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut can take advantage of Top Ten Website Marketings deals and services, and perhaps even begin their new, more productive paths to success, which include Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development and Maintenance, and not only national, but Local Internet Marketing as well.

Media Contact:

Pete Pekofsky

Top Ten Website Marketing

Phone: 845-262-4700

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

Mobile is the hottest marketing tactic going right now. Not feeling it yet, not sure if its really time to get on board or not. Join Local Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Expo web panel discussion Local Guerrilla Marketing / Mobile Marketing Expo Aug 19th-21st Westin Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Register Here For Local Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Expo

Mobile technology has already fundamentally transformed personal communications, but with mobile becoming ever more ubiquitous, driving increased social media activity and allowing digital communications channels to be accessible on the move, it is having a huge impact on how organizations, businesses and brands talk to customers.

The Local Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Expo provides an in depth understanding of the mobile marketing landscape, examining the sectors rapid evolution and considering current and future trends. Focusing on practical skills and cutting-edge case studies, this expo will leave with provide knowledge of the technologies and terminology of mobile and best practice guidelines, as well as being able to articulate the benefits and opportunities of a mobile strategy, and how this fits into a multichannel approach.

Who should attend?

This event is ideal for brands, agencies and organizations looking to gain a comprehensive and structured insight into mobile marketing. Primarily aimed at those with little or no mobile experience, it is ideal for anybody looking to develop a broad expertise in this emerging channel.

Benefits of Attending Local Guerrilla Marketing Mobile Expo:

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) September 05, 2011

There is good news for Florida –

Local Guerrilla Marketing’s Certified Consultant Mark Stein of Boca Raton, FL is gearing up to assist local business owners in slashing their marketing costs while doubling their profits.

About Local Guerrilla Marketing:

Local Guerrilla Marketing is the most trusted brand name providing online marketing solutions for local businesses. Offering stellar, result-oriented online marketing products such as Local Search Profiles, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Video Email Marketing and Video SEO Campaigns, Local Guerrilla Marketing is a force to be reckoned with. The days of ‘the big guys’ dominating the market are numbered with help from Local Guerrilla Marketing!

About Mark:

Mark moved to South Palm Beach County in 1984. He has been in the finance/marketing arena for over 30 years. Mark is looking forward to assisting all businesses in going beyond their goals for the current year and for many more to come.

Local businesses in Boca Raton, FL need to know that Mark is here to help them while the Yellow Pages, print media and other diminishing forms of marketing are disappearing. Local Guerrilla Marketing and Mark can assist in making the transition to growing profits through local online marketing. Together, Mark Stein and Boca Raton, FL will grab market shares from the clutches of ‘big business’ and put them into the hands of local business owners everywhere, all while rebuilding the economy.


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